610 pages, paperback.

“Help me. I'm in a bunker. They don't let me out. This is a military program. They're producing a neural weapon, with the Psi-Code. Tell someone. I can't do this alone.”

“They have access to the ultrastructure now, to the neuro-physic substrate of reality, the neurospace. The UN is behind this. The global crisis is only a diversion. Everything will change, at a molecular level. ”

“I'm a misfit. It's not my fault! It's the Failure of Civilization! Wait… What? Did you say… in my brain?”

“This is a world war, Johnny X. A war of a new kind. Mind is the strongest power in the universe. Much stronger than the nuclear field. Everything is connected. Open your eyes.”

“Life is this brief second when you can act and change the future. Your true nature will rise. This war will be fought inside your brain.”

"You can change your brain."

Based on present events. The molecular code of the brain is the topmost quest by the military systems in many nations. The Psi-Code will unleash the next world war. Claudia knows about this. She calls for help from inside the bunker she can't leave. It's a multinational conspiracy.

Latest revelations on brain science, quantum physics and classified programs to unravel and control the ultrastructure of the universe and reality.

Psi-Code is a spectacular adventure, a suspense neurothriller with a lot of humor. A hot story about the challenge of the new generation, to change the world at last, with the Psi-Code, at the dawn of the Age of Mind.

The Italian Claudia Fragola, the innocent and misfit Johnny X; the ambitious reporter Nathan Rose and two UN diplomats will get united to change the future of the world.

The end of human life as we know it. The end of an entire evolutionary period on Earth. The greatest turning point in history. Self-modifiable people. Brain itself becoming mindware you can buy, transform and edit. Digital life. A new species coming out of the twilight of The Failure of Civilization.

The United Nations. The CIA. Korea. The Psi-Code Program. All involved. The most colossal conspiracy in history. Fiction based on present events. Have you ever considered modifying your brain? Time is now.